Welcome to Class IV – A Blog of

Delhi Public School Tapi for AS 2014 – 15

Our Learners not only learn and apply their skills but they spread the virus of excitement to do things and find their own way. We in class IV-A have a learning partnership between the student, teacher and the world-the biggest learning source.


Important points to remember. Kindly follow them for the smooth functioning of Learning Partnership.

Read all Rules and Regulations in the GREEN BOOK carefully.

Label all uniform items & belongings of your child with his/her

  • Name                               
  • Admission No.
  • Class

Send nutritious and vegetarian food in your child’s tiffin.

Send a clean tiffin mat and napkin every day.

If your child is unwell please don’t send him/her to school.

Emergency leave in the middle of a working day can be granted only if there is prior notice over telephone, enabling sufficient time to issue a gate pass.

Students are not allowed to board the bus without student I-card.

Children should be escorted to the bus stop every morning by parent/guardian.

Parent/Guardianshould bring Parent I-Card for any school visit.

Parent/Responsible Adult must show parent I-card at the bus-stop drop.

Please check and sign your ward’s school diary daily.

Please write all applications on Parent Application form only Students who misbehave severely or are without clean and correct uniform may be sent home.

Monday & Friday Uniform Specifics:

  • Classes I-V: Blue T-shirt + regulation skirt/shorts

For tele-queries and appointments, please contact DPS Tapi Academic Office at:09662048973, 0261-6547555.

It is strictly forbidden to contact staff members except via school.


66 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Good Morning Mam

    This is Waseem Ahmad Guardian of Taquee Alam
    It is to submit that Taquee Alam is not feeling well as he starts vomitting early in the morning.
    So he is unable to attend the class today. therefore, it is requested to grant him leave for today.


    • good aafternnon mam, muhammed motiwala is not feeling well today he is suffered by loose motions from midnight so pls i request to grant him leave for today. thank you mam

  2. good evening mam

    This is waseem ahmad.
    Mam, it is to inform you that Math work book of Taquee Alam is out of trace. It may be in school. But as directed math work book is to be submitted tomorrow. what to do?

  3. Dear madam, due to cancellation of our flight we are compelled to come back to Surat on 11 June. Arindam will join his classes from 12th June. I will submit the application with him. Thanking you. Anamika majumdar( arindam,s mother)

  4. Mam, this is Arindam. Where is the new timetable for us? Do we have to do the art and craft homework given for class 4b?

  5. Dear madam
    Tomorrow is our special assembly on Rakhi so what is the hair style for girls ?
    Please reply immediately.

  6. Mam, I did not understand the topic for public speaking.So can please you explain the topic.
    Can you reply on the blog immediately.

    • India is said to the country of ‘Unity with Diversity’.
      Diversity means different religions, language, culture and lifestyles
      India has different castes, standards of living of people, culture, etc
      Unity means the bonding and togetherness between people even though the diversity is very deeply embeded.
      This needs to be elaborated with examples.

  7. Dear madam, this is Arindam,s mother. He is running high grade fever for last three days and still has fever, due to which is not coming to school.

  8. Respected Mam
    1. Sahajanad Laser Technology Limited,Gandhinagar
    2. Woodland Engineers , Ahmedabad
    3. Sheetal ruber , Ahmedabad
    4. Aditya Engineerings Works , Porbandar
    5 Sonil ventil fabric, Jamnagar
    6.Dibha paints , Vapi

  9. good evening mam, muhammed motiwala is not feeling well today he is suffered by loose motions from midnight so pls i request to grant him leave for today. thank you mam

  10. Major industries of Gujarat
    Agro based and food processing industry
    Chemical and petrochemical
    Information technology
    Mineral based and allied industry
    Plastic and allied industry
    Port related activities
    Textile and apparels industry
    Gems and jewellery

  11. 1. Agro based & Food processing industry.
    2. Chemical and petrochemicals.
    3. Information technology.
    4. Plastic and allied industries.
    5. Textile and apparels industry.
    6. Gems and jewellery.
    7. Mineral based industry.
    8. Port Related and infrastructure.

  12. Major industries of Gujarat are
    Adani Power Limited
    Adani Wilmar Limited
    Vimal Group
    Garden silk mills
    Digjam Limited

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